3 airfryer barbecue recipes for those looking for practicality

Anyone who has an airfryer at home can enjoy all the benefits of cooking without the use of oil. However, the appliance also serves other purposes, such as having a barbecue in the airfryer. Want to get away from the grill for a bit? Take a peek at the recipes.

1. Barbecue pancetta and sirloin in the airfryer

The recipe teaches how to prepare pancetta and some sausages at the same time in the airfryer. The trick to getting it right is to pay attention to the timing and not get the pieces of meat too close together. It is a very complete tip, for those who have never used the appliance for a barbecue.

2. Barbecue steak with garlic in the airfryer

Ideal for those looking for a quicker and simpler suggestion, but want to include more seasonings in addition to coarse salt. The butter and garlic will guarantee that unforgettable flavor, in addition to making the steaks juicy.

3. Sirloin steak in the airfryer

As the airfryer dries out the food a little, here you will learn a tip that will ensure that your meat comes out as delicious as if it were on the grill. It also teaches how to cut the sirloin pieces and the ideal airfryer time.

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