3 breast apple recipes for those who love succulent meat

Also known as granite or gaucho rib, the breast apple is an extremely tasty and versatile cut! And for you to explore all the possibilities of preparing this meat, we separate the best recipes with this wonder. There are versions made in the pressure cooker, to mega delicious barbecues that will make everyone’s mouth water.

1. Breast apple in the pan with potato

Do you want to prepare a meat without dirtying a lot of dishes? Here, with just a pressure cooker, you can make an apple breast and potato that is simply amazing! And what gives that special touch are the seasonings – garlic paste, nutmeg, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, fine herbs and turmeric.

2. Breast apple in the pan with ketchup

Another super simple recipe, this version of breast apple is seasoned with an ingredient that, for sure, you have in your house: ketchup! Here, the pressure cooker also comes into play, which makes it much easier when preparing. Soft and juicy, this meat will conquer everyone in your house.

3. Breast apple with carrot

Delicious, this option is perfect for serving both lunch and dinner. And to give that increment, the carrot is used, making everything even tastier and with a very beautiful color. Did you feel like trying it out? So don’t waste time and check out the video!

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