How to make a meat blend: tips for a juicy burger

Meat lovers know that a well-made blend makes a difference in the outcome of any dish. If you’ve never heard this term, we explain! The meat blend is the mixture of different cuts for the preparation of the hamburger. This adds much more flavor and juiciness. Want to learn how to prepare this wonder? Then check out the following tips:

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How to make meat blend


  • 180 g ground beef with 20% fat (flank steak, breast or chuck)

How to make

  1. Have a fillet of beef with 20% fat on hand;
  2. You can also mix the types of meat you prefer;
  3. Grind the chilled meat and fat twice. Thus, your blend tastes better;
  4. Prepare the way you like the most and enjoy!

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on more noble cuts, like sirloin or filet mignon. After all, the secret of a good blend is in the correct mixture of meat and fat. Enjoy and check out other very tasty versions!

Other ways to make meat blend

How about knowing other types of blends? We select recipes that please the most varied tastes and palates. It has everything from a perfect barbecue version to a delicious mix with bacon that will make everyone’s mouth water. Check it out, choose your favorite and test it at your house today!

rib blend

As you already know, the meat blend is a mixture of at least two cuts. Here, the main star is the rib, but what helps to enhance the flavor even more is the chuck steak, so have 800 g of each on hand. If you want to season, invest in a mixture of onion, garlic, salt and pepper.

Barbecue meat blend

Do you want to surprise all your friends and have a very different and tasty barbecue? Then invest in this amazing version of barbecue meat blend! Here, the cuts used are breast, chuck and termite. I mean, it just can’t go wrong, right?

Blend with flank steak, chuck steak and rump heart

A wonderful combination of cuts, this version takes flank, chuck and heart. Perfect for making that hamburger of respect, this delight is easy to prepare and not so expensive. Check out the step by step right and run to the kitchen to test!

Blend with bacon

Here, the proportion of bacon used is 10%. The main meat is the flank steak! The secret is to buy quality and very fresh pieces. Tip: ask your butcher to grind it on the spot to ensure even better meat. Prepare it in your house and be ready to receive lots of compliments.

Your burgers will never be the same after you try these meat blends. And, to accompany, how about preparing a very different hamburger sauce?

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